Acupuncture Research

Blood Pressure
A German study published in the journal, Circulation (June 2007), found that acupuncture significantly lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The extent of the blood pressure reductions by acupuncture treatments was comparable to those seen with antihypertensive medication or aggressive lifestyle changes, including radical salt restrictions.

Breach babies
A study published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy (Nov.-Dec. 2003) concluded that women with breach babies treated with acupuncture were far more likely (76.4%) to have the fetus move to the proper delivery position than those not given acupuncture.

Nausea and Vomiting
A researcher at Duke University, Dr. Tong G. Gan concluded in the Journal Anesthesia & Analgesia (Sept. 2003) that acupuncture was far more effective for postoperative sickness and vomiting than Zofran, a widely used anti-nausea drug.

In an article published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (March 2003), 50 patients with sciatica received acupuncture twice per week for 5 weeks. Only two patients out of 50 reported no improvement. 40% were completely cured and the remaining 56% had significant improvement.

Cancer-related pain
In the Journal of Clinical Oncology (November 2003), a study reported that pain intensity levels of cancer-related pain decreased an average of 36% in those patients receiving ear acupuncture.

In the Winter 2004 issue of Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Neuroscience, a preliminary report stated that acupuncture promotes sleep in insomnia patients, noting that anxiety levels were lower and sleep efficiency and nighttime melatonin levels increased in patients suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

Crohn’s disease
In a German study, patients with mild to moderately active Crohn’s disease had a decrease in disease activity and an improvement in general well-being and reported an improvement in quality of life, after receiving 10 sessions of acupuncture.


Diabetic Neuropathy

According to a study published by the Department of Medicine, Manchester Royal Infirmary, University of Manchester, UK, acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy for the long-term management of painful diabetic neuropathy.

Overactive bladder
Women who received 4 weekly bladder-specific acupuncture treatments had significant improvements in bladder capacity, urgency, frequency

Pain Control
Tests Show Measurable and Specific Effects of Acupuncture on Pain

Allergic Rhinitis
The American Journal of Epidemiology recently published a study that showed that acupuncture can significantly relieve allergic rhinitis symptoms

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for obesity, it also showed more improved outcomes for body weight than conventional medication.

Acupuncture analgesia
New research conducted through Harvard Medical School and published in the November, 2008 issue of Behavioral Brain Research found significant evidence that endogenous opioids are central to the experience of pain and acupuncture analgesia.